Did I Tell You I Hate Voice Menus

I hate voice menus

Did I tell you that I hate voice menus?


Yeah, they suck.

Is your experience is like mine?

You call a into a vendor for support.

They ask you to state your issue.

So you state your issue.

You state your issue again.

And then…

You state your issue again.

Finally, if you're lucky, you get transferred to a live human being.


You all of the same questions again.

It's nuts!

If you're on speaker phone it's an even worse experience.

The background noise messes with the voice recording app that’s trying to make out what you’re saying and all sort of badness ensues.

To make matters worse…

Some companies are so bold - they remove any ability to push a button at all.


It's just poor customer experience.

It really is.

Forcing people to state their needs only to discard them when you’ve reached the hopefully final destination.

I realize that some companies take a lot of calls.

I understand that IVR's are designed to streamline the process to help clients have a better experience.

The issue is that in almost every instance they fail.

I speak clearly.

I answer the prompts.

But it gets me nowhere.

I always end up answering the same initial questions again and again during a phone call.

I just finished wrestling with the Comcast phone tree during their new order process.

The solution?

I don't know.

I prefer online chat when available.

It works better in many cases.

I'm also fine with a human being just answering the answering the phone.

Although that's a rare experience these days.

Thank you T-Mobile.

I'm also fine with just pressing a number or two. 

Just don't take me 10 levels deep.

But please please please.

Stop with the dang voice response crap.

It sucks.