Microsoft Says - Never Change Your Password Again

In the tech world the term best practices gets thrown around a lot.

Best practices basically means…

A set of standards that are used to measure your tech success.

Properly implementation of tech in your business.

One of the pools of knowledge where best practices come from is Microsoft. 

One recent recommendation from Microsoft is that you don’t need to change your password anymore.


Please notice the but in there.

You must have two factor authentication enabled and working.

Want to learn more about two factor authentication?

Click here.

The tech world is constantly evolving.

Standards and practices are updated and changed over time.

Are you tired of changing your password every 30 days?

Are you tired of having to come up with a new password because you can't use the last one?

Have a competent IT provider enable two factor authentication for your organization.

It will change the way you look at passports forever.

2FA - It’s the way.