Prospects Say The Darndest Things

I was meeting with a prospect the other day.

We were going through their pain points to understand how we could help them.

They stated the #1 issue we hear all the time.

Response time.

Then the prospect said something else.

He said…

I’m sick and tired of my provider telling me what the problem is.

I just want them to fix it.

I don’t understand why tech people feel the need to tell me in detail why something’s doesn’t work.

Or why something is broken.

Why can’t they just fix things?

Tell me what’s needed.

And then go fix it.

It’s frustrating.

Listening to prospects is important.

Understanding their frustrations is important.

Addressing their frustrations is super important.

This one meeting sparked a conversation at my company about our buyer’s journey.

It sparked conversations about tune our service delivery to address what’s important to clients.

Every little bit helps.

What this prospect said rang true.

How many times do we find ourselves explaining why something doesn’t work instead of focusing on a solution?

Being reactive instead of proactive.

In the end.

It’s all about the customer.

Listen, learn, grow.