Tech Is Easy

I was in a conversation the other day where someone said the proverbial phrase - "Tech is easy".

He was frustrated because something wasn’t working in his tech environment.

And so with tempered sarcasm he said...

Tech is easy.

This stuff isn’t rocket science.

Everyone just laughed.

Ha ha - Tech is easy.

We get it.

Maybe it’s because it’s what I do for a living.

I couldn’t help but wonder.

Is this a form of occupation judgment?

Being a Doctor.  All you do it write prescriptions.  That’s not that hard.

Being a Software Developer.  That’s easy.  Any monkey can code.

Being a Lawyer.  Let’s be honest.  Anybody can be a Lawyer.

Investment Banker.  Dude, it’s just numbers.  Anyone to do that.

It’s concerning how quickly we justify things down to a least common denominator.

And then, jump right to judgment.

I guess it’s the curse of humanity.

Maybe it’s because society teaches us to make fun of technical people.

We call them geeks.

We call them dorks.

We call them all sorts of things.

But then there are the experts.

The men of letters. (sarcasm)

The Doctors, the Lawyers, the Scholars and the Finance people.

All so called experts in their field.

The funny thing is.

When their computer doesn’t work.

When their cell phone isn’t doing what it supposed to be doing.

When they’re trying to solve a complex business for process problem.

Who do they go to?


You guessed it.

The tech guy.

If you look at the top business and technology leaders in our world today.

Bill Gates.
Elon Musk.
Jeff Bezos.
Sundar Pichai.

They’re all techs.

And you know what.

Anyone can do what they do.

It’s easy.


I leave you with this parting thought.

Your world, your life and your business is filled with tech.

A technologist’s role is to make your life easy.

The work that it takes to deliver that “easy” experience - is not easy.

Be nice to your tech guys.

I will go ahead and get off of my sensitive horse now.

Peace out.