The New Tech Normal

I met with a new client yesterday.

It was their first roadmap discussion.

Prior to working with my company they haven’t had proper tech leadership. 

They admittedly have been operating their business in startup mode for quite some time.

They used to subscribe to the mindset of…

Need a new computer? Go buy the cheapest one you can find.

Need a new network switch? Go buy the cheapest one you can find.

Need phone service? Unknowingly buy the most expensive service!

It’s nuts.  But almost every tech decision was made with no prior design, planning or research.

Informed tech decisions didn't exist.

Until now...

It’s hard to have good judgment when your Frame of Reference is wrong.

During our discussion we arrived at a pricing discussion about new laptops. 

The recommended computer pricing was more and they were used to.

One of the management team said…

I’m sure I was buying computers that were underpowered.

We proceeded to have a discussion around the pros and cons of what was proposed.

We discussed things like warranties, consumer grade versus business grade, and performance powered productivity.

The manager turns to the finance person says…

You need to understand that this is the new tech normal.

We all smiled and moved on.

I’m glad the manager connected the dots.

Not because I’m selling them something.

But because it’s good to see someone at the beginning of the relationship embracing the concept of Getting Your Tech Right.

I highlighted other areas where they could save significant dollars by taking certain actions.

They liked that.

The net /net at the end of the day is having predictable costs.

The new tech normal is…

Having the proper information to make proper informed decisions.


Spending what’s needed - Where it’s needed.

Investing in your future is a series of expenditures and savings.

All in an effort to scale and grow your business.

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