How Much Does That Laptop Cost Again?

I was talking with a group at work yesterday about laptop pricing for clients.

One person had brought in some new pricing that I said looked too expensive.

I had no other basis for why it was expensive.

It just felt expensive.

In an effort to counter my claim one person said that if I amortize the cost over the lifetime of the laptop it’s only a few dollars a month.

I said I get that.

It’s just too expensive.

Tension in the room grew as we debated whether or not the laptop was expensive.

Yes, this is what tech guys do sometimes.

We finished the conversation and went our separate ways not really having achieved much. 

While we agreed on many points.

To me, the cost still felt expensive.

So last night I decided to jump on the Internet and take a quick look at laptop pricing in general.

I pulled up one laptop and it was considerably less.

I pulled up a second and like the one I pulled up. 

Both laptops were less than the morning laptop.

Gee, my Spidey sense was right.

That morning laptop was expensive

Now I’m no pricing expert.

But I do have a general handle on where things should be.

The lesson learned is.

If something feels expensive - it probably is.

It’s important to dig in and understand the why.

Sometimes the cost is completely justified.

And sometimes it’s not.

This morning I shared my findings with the group and we ended up getting pricing sorted out.

It’s important to trust your gut.

Especially when it involves pricing for clients.