Tech Roadmaps - What, How & Why

This week I’m working on putting together a Tech Roadmap for a client.

Building a roadmap is a process.

There are many items that go into building the first Tech Road Map.

Your company’s Version 1.0 of Getting Your Tech Right.

So what is a Tech Roadmap?

A Tech Roadmap is exactly its namesake.

It is a high level document that outlines a path for the tech in your business.

Software, Hardware, Communications, you name it.

A Tech Roadmap helps your business understand and plan for the tech in your business.

It helps with budgeting.  

It helps with growth.

It helps make things more predictable.

How is a Tech Roadmap created?

Once your environment is documented and instrumented properly planning can begin.

For an initial roadmap I visit the environment, document, make observations, and interview key personnel.

More information is then gathered. 

And a roadmap begins to take shape. 

Correlations are made.

Items are interconnected.

And the path to Getting YourTech Right begins to come into view.

A roadmap document is then compiled that includes the current state of your tech, observations, recommendations, and supporting data.

The goal is to develop a finalized roadmap of where the environment needs to go as well as a prioritized list of what needs to be worked on and when.

Why do I need a Tech Roadmap?

I’ll be honest.

It takes a fair amount of work to put together an initial roadmap.

It takes commitment on your part.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to your tech problems - a roadmap is not your thing.

There are no quick fixes when you’re trying to do things right.

There’s a commitment made towards continual improvement. 

Towards investing in growth.

Building Tech Roadmaps is one of the things that I do.

I work with business owners to determine the best course of action to remediate and improve tech in a holistic way.

It’s not just about replacing a server and workstation here and there.

It’s about enabling your business to grow through the use of technology.

Apps, services, devices are only a means to enable your business.

It’s never about the tech.

It’s about you and your business.

How we get you to the next level.

I hope this article helps to clarify Tech Roadmaps, what they are, how I do them and why your business needs one.

If you need some help.  Shoot me an email.