Expectations Are A Funny Thing

Expectations are a funny thing.

At the most basic level there are the expectations of one.

That one being you.

Your expectations are built on your hopes, dreams and desires.

All passed through the filter through which you look at life.

Our expectations define us.

Next come the expectations of two.

Or the seesaw of expectations.

When two people interact expectations come into play.

The other person shares what they expect.

And now your expectations will either change or stay the same.

Hence the seesaw effect.

Working in a team you now have the expectations of the many.

Expectations must be shared in order to move an idea forward.

But in reality you are now back on the seesaw - only multiplied.

Getting a team all pointing in the same direction takes effort.

It takes persuasion.

It takes consideration.

And it takes work.

Setting expectations is a funny thing.

It’s a lifetime skill that many people overlook.

It takes effort to drive a thought to an idea.

It takes even more effort realize an idea into action.

So next time you’re trying to get your point across.

Trying to get that one thought clear in everyone’s mind.

Remember that there are many expectations.

Remember that your ability to communicate your expectation…

Will determine your success.