Space Heaters At Work

Some people like their office environment at a cool 78°.

Others like their office at a cool 74°.

And some like it even cooler.

In South Florida we recommend to clients that they install a Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS unit with every computer in the office.

This helps when there’s an occasional power blip, or brown out in the office.

Last week we got a call from a client stating that her UPS was beeping.

The UPS was less than a year old and so something was up.

Come to find out that the person in question runs a little cold.

She brought her space heater into the office to keep her legs warm while she works.

It just so happened that she plugged her space heater into her UPS.

After a few weeks the UPS decided to give up the ghost from the power draw generated by the space heater.

We installed a new UPS unit and advised her to not plug her space heater into her UPS anymore.

I get it.

People get cold and so they bring a little heat action into the office.

Unfortunately space heaters do bad things to offices and cubicles.

I’ve seen entire sections of cubicles be taken down by a single space heater.

To the office workers of America.

Please leave your space heaters at home.

A warm pair of socks or a blanket can get you through your workday.

If you’re really ambitious - find a way to work from home where it’s likely warmer.

Or just walk around more.

Please, please, please - don’t bring space heaters to work.