Everyone Onboard

One key ingredient in the success of Getting Your Tech Right is making sure that everyone is on board.

I was meeting with a prospect the other day.

He’s a owner that has embraced the concept of Getting The Tech Right in his business. 

He’s all in but....

He's got one challenge to overcome first.

His main operations guy is not on board.

The ops guy thinks that tech simple.

The ops guy thinks he can solve most of the problems himself.

The ops guy even thinks that his boss is making a bad decision by working with an IT company.

And while he doesn’t always voice his opinion - the ops guy works against his boss.

This scenario is actually very common.

I see Office Managers fight against the idea.

I see Controllers fight against the idea.

I see Administrative Assistants fight against the idea.

And when I see this behavior the chance of a new client signing up shrinks.

Owners throw their hands up in the air.

And progress stops.

Business owner’s are typically the first person in their business to buy into the concept of Getting Your Tech Right.

And they’re the last when I comes to giving up.

So why does this happen?

Why do employees fight against change?

To me, the number one reason that employees sabotage their boss is fear.

Fear - that they are going to lose their job.

Fear - that if they do lose their job - they’ll never get another job.

The funny this is…

That building your job around being the sometimes IT person in the office is not building a job at all.

Throwing random tasks into your career skills bucket doesn’t make you more marketable.

It actually makes you less marketable.

No one ever asks a mechanic if they’re good at painting houses during a job interview.

No one ever asks a finance guy if he’s good at computer networking either.

It just doesn’t happen.

And still - that doesn’t stop an office manager from fixing computers, cleaning bathrooms, making lunch and designing your company website.

The phrase highest and best use comes to mind.

If you’re a Controller you should be actively managing the finances in the business.

Not crawling under someone’s desk helping them with their computer.

If you’re an Office Manager your role is to make sure that the office is up and running.

This means being a master project manager, enabler and delegator.

So how can you solve the problem of getting everyone on board?

It requires an owner with vision.

It requires an owner to speak up and tell their staff to stand down.

It requires an owner who doesn’t demand people do things - but enables them to solve problems.

In certain cases it may even mean removing an individual who is impeding the success of your business.

It’s not an easy road.

But in the businesses where the owner has stepped in and managed the change.  

Good things happen.

Results happen.

And things get better.

Tech gets better.

And the business grows.

The naysayer in most cases is even converted to the cause.

The choice is yours Mr. Business Owner.

It just takes a little effort and a little mojo on your part.

Help your staff to embrace change.