Check Your Data Backup

The other day when I was doing a tech assessment for a new client I checked their backup.

It's one of the items on my checklist.

The backup was running.

That was good.

Then I checked the backup logs.

That was not so good.

The backup was running every day right on schedule.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t backing anything up.

I checked a few more of the logs just to make sure and indeed nothing was being backed up.

The lesson learned in all of this is to always check your backups.

Triple checking them being the preferred method.

Having good backup of your data is a three-part process.

1 - Back up the data.
2 - Check the data.
3 - Restore the data.

This is the only way to really know if your backup is working.

Sometimes little things can become big things.

Sometimes something as little as checking a backup on a regular basis can save you from a big problem later on.

No one likes bad news.

Especially if it could have been avoided.

Happy backup checking!