What Does Managed Security Mean?

Managed Security.

It’s all the rage these days.

And as a result, many IT providers are rebranding themselves as Managed Security Service Providers or an MSSP for short.

Here is what a Managed Security is not.

Managed Security does not mean you will not receive a phishing attempt.
Managed Security does not mean you will not face a denial of service attack.
Managed Security does not mean you will not be infected with a virus.
Managed Security does not mean you will not be a victim of ransomware.
Managed Security does not mean you will not lose money.


So now that we know what Managed Security is not.

Let’s focus on what Managed Security is.

Managed Security is protecting your environment from threats. 

Protection does not mean something that won’t happen.

It just means that when it does - you will be better prepared.

Managed Security means you will have information.

Information to help before, during and after a threat occurs in your environment.

Managed Security means process.

Certain processes will need to be followed by you and your staff to ensure that your protection remains viable and in effect.

Managed Security means change.

It means changing the way you think about computing in general.

It means adopting new methods and ways of doing things.  

I think most people buy into Managed Security out of fear.

Not knowing really what it means - but thinking that they need it.

Does your company need better Security?

It probably does.

But the reality of it is that you’re not building some sort of magic force field around your company that will keep you secure.

It will only keep you protected.

If you understand the difference between security and protection you’ll likely find more success improving the tech in your business.

Having proper protection in place will afford you more security.

You don’t need an MSSP to tell you that.

You likely don’t need an MSSP to sell you that either.

You just need to work with your current IT provider to make sure that you have the proper controls, process and protection in place.

Be safe.

Be secure.

Be protected.