Fix Your Duct Tape Mindset

Duct tape is a wonderful creation.

It can be used for all sort of things.

It fixes appliances, cars, plumbing, etc.

You name it - duct tape can fix it.

Or does it?

When you really think about it…

The primary use for duct tape is really as a stop-gap or band-aid to an immediate problem.

It’s not intended to be used as a long term solution.

If you’re like me, throughout the day your handed problem after problem.

For some of those problems - a quick fix is order.

For others - a solution from my library of solutions does the trick.

And still - other problems require additional consideration and thought.

I used to work with a guy who loved “quick wins” as he called them.

Problems that could be solved quickly.

Unfortunately the quick wins created a culture of getting things done haphazardly, which in turn resulted in little to no long term thinking - or doing things right the first time.

In this always-on Instagram world it’s easy to fall into the trap of bite sized underwhelming problem solving.

Honestly, everything can’t be a quick win.

Slapping some duct tape here and there may help the problem go away for now.

But the problem will resurface again later.

And no one likes dealing with the same problem again and again.

A duct tape mindset is a dangerous thing.

Unfortunately it’s a trap that many business owners fall into.

Find a business owner who practices seagull management and I’ll show you a staff with a duct tape mindset.

When looking at the tech in your business it’s important to do things right.

I like to say - If you start right you end right.

Sure things might take a little longer than expected sometimes.

But the net result will provide more long-term value.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get something done right away. 

The problem comes when you want to get when you start taking shortcuts

The problem comes when everything is left at just good enough. 

When everything becomes just good enough.

When you wait to the last minute.

When just getting something done is more important than doing it right.

That's when a duct tape mindset is most dangerous.

Take a step back.

Figure out how you can work smarter.

Work on your problem-solving skills.

Find a coach or mentor to help you.

It is important to break the cycle.

Not everything needs to be solved right now.

Every problem presented deserves time and consideration.

It may need a minute or it may need an hour.

It might even need a few days. 

It just depends on how long it takes you to understand the problem and apply the appropriate action.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Invest in doing things the right way.

Duct tape is for mere mortals.

Superheroes do it right the first time.