Performance Powered Connectivity

I was talking with a new client the other day.

It was my first time helping them with a computer purchase and so we walked through the process together.

I shared some general recommendations on computing and how the process typically works.

The client contact shares that she would like to purchase a cheap computer for their new hire.

She shares that the person would likely not be doing much and so providing them with good computer wouldn’t make sense.

The new hire happens to be an executive position.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I was hired to be an executive and someone told me I was given a cheap computer because it was assumed that I wouldn’t be doing much I’d be pretty ticked off.

It happens.

More often than you know.

Performance Powered Productivity.

Whether you’re hiring a new receptionist or CEO it’s important to provide staff with a proper computing resource.

Studies show that productivity gains are tied to good computing resources.

Going and getting a cup of coffee while you wait for your computer to start up in the morning should be a thing of the past.

But it isn’t.

Put someone on a slow or consumer based computer and you’re losing productivity

And… Productivity = Money.

It’s a simple formula that many business owners just don’t get.

Or maybe they do but just don’t understand how to implement the change needed.

Performance Powered Productivity is providing your staff the tools they need to get their job done efficiently.

It starts with their computer.