What Are The Tech Intangibles?

When it comes to IT...

Most people think that it's just someone helping them fix their computer problems.

Can’t print, can’t get to the internet, can’t get email. 

That sort of thing.

Everything else remains a mystery.

This makes it difficult when you’re looking for a new IT provider because typically the only thing you can make a judgment on is this...

Do you like the guys you just met and do you think they’ll provide good computer support?

Enter the Tech Intangibles.

I use the word intangibles because to most people, most tech is just that - intangible.

It’s difficult to put a cost on the value of the intangibles.

That’s because to the layperson most tech is a mystery.

Nevertheless having the intangibles taken care of makes all the difference in the world.

So what are the tech intangibles and how do they make a difference?

Documentation - Having your environment and tech processes documented helps make sure work is done quickly and properly each time you need help or want to make a change.

Monitoring - Having your environment instrumented to know how things are running and when something might stop running is key to make sure your business stay productive.

Management - Keeping your environment up to date with patches and updates helps to make sure your environment is maintained and protected.

Automation - A properly maintained environment will likely have a fair bit of automation that happens behind the scenes.  This includes things like scripts and bots that automatically fix problems with servers and computers. 

Networking - We all take for granted that there are wires and Wi-Fi that connect our world.  Keeping these items maintained and running is critical to any business.

Cabling - Having your office properly cabled and maintained helps make sure your connections are solid.  If your cabling looks like a rats nest or is damaged and frayed it can cause all sorts of problems. 

Leadership - Working with a provider that has the right mix of experience, education and exposure will help your run and grow your business.   Leadership is a conversation where value is exchanged.  Having someone dictate something you just go along with is not true leadership.

How do the intangibles make a difference?

Well.  Here's how.

They help to keep things running.

They help spot issues in advance.

They aid in troubleshooting problems in your environment.

With a good team in place you'll have a go to resource to help you with the tech in your business.

Think of it this way.

There’s a lot of intellectual property that goes into building a car.

Even so, your main interface with the car is that you sit down, turn the key, and drive.

But there are many intangibles behind the smooth and consistent operation of your car.

Tech is the same way.

These intangibles are the things you need to run an IT environment well.

They’re not necessarily things you see or touch.

But without them in place running your tech is just a crapshoot.

There’s no plan and everything is just done best effort.

It’s important to realize that the intangibles are important.

That they make all the difference.

And that you should have them in your environment.

If your IT provider does not provide these intangibles or service these intangibles in the correct manner your experience with the tech in your business can be one of frustration.

Or worse - one of apathy.

Getting your tech right is about making sure the intangibles are well managed and maintained.

The intangibles make all the difference.