Get A Tech Second Opinion

I was helping out a prospect yesterday with a tech issue they were having.

The remote access for their employees had stopped working for some unknown reason.

Their current IT provider told them they had to buy new firewalls to fix the problem.

The request seemed a little odd and so the prospect called me for a second opinion.

Buying new firewalls because your remote access isn’t working is obviously suspect.

And so I asked if it would be okay to take a look at the firewalls.

The current provider reluctantly gave me a password.

The password didn’t work.

So we asked again.

Can we please have the password?

Once again the password didn’t work.

Frustrated by all of the back-and-forth we through our hands in the air.

I advised the prospect to insist that the current provider somehow obtain the password to the firewall.

Eventually a day later we were able to obtain the password.


I was finally able to get into the firewall and take a look.

It only took about a minute to discover the problem.

We made one tweak and remote access was working again.

So I ask you…

Did the client need new firewalls?

Obviously the answer was no.

They did not.

I share this story because this kind of stuff goes on all the time.

Unsuspecting businesses are sold things they don’t need.

Money is spent out of fear, desperation and lack of knowledge.

I wish things weren’t this way.

But they are.

All I want to do is help.

It’s what I do.

Get a tech second opinion.