Just The Facts Please

You don’t have time.

You’re busy.

I get it.

You don't want the details if you don't need them.

You just want things fixed.

You want solutions.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with clients that are leaders in their field.

Individuals that have honed their craft and are experts at what they do.

At the same time.

They know that they’re not experts in tech.

And that’s why they work with me.

Recently I’ve noticed some glazing of the eyeballs as I’ve attempted to explain certain things to a few clients.

Now it could just be me over explaining things.

I try to keep that in check.

Or maybe I just wasn’t doing a good job of explaining technical things in a non-technical way.

So last week when doing my daily conversations review.

Yes, I review my conversations at the end of each day to see where I can improve.

I spotted this scenario and thought to myself.

What can I do to improve my interactions?

This took me back to something an old friend taught me.

Reduce, simplify, and stick to the facts.

So I was in another conversation yesterday where I noticed the glazed eyeballs.

So I quickly adjusted and said.

Let me give you the six second version.

And then quickly summarized what I had just said.

The client smiled and nodded.

She understood.

As we wrapped up our conversation she shared appreciation for the succinct description.

Sometimes it’s not what you say - but how you say it.

Not to say that shorter is always better.

But it sure helps move the conversation along.