Google Vault Saves The Day

Sometimes when employees leave they do bad things.

Some like trash talking your company on Glassdoor.

Some like trash talking your company on Facebook.

But for some reason the most common form of F.U. is deleting email.

I’m not sure whether people do it out of spite, or out of trying to hide something.

It’s hard to say.

Maybe they do it for both reasons.

Last year one of my clients had a situation where an employee deleted all of their email and then quit the next day.

We scrambled and were able to pull together some of the lost emails.

In the end - several key emails were lost.

I re-stated my recommendation to the client to implement at minimum Google Vault.

Initially when I had presented the solution they were hesitant to spend the extra dollars to have Google Vault.

After this event they finally agreed to upgrade to Google G Suite Business.

Google Vault was enabled.

Flash forward to yesterday.

An employee deleted all her email and then quit.

The client called me up and within minutes we had the email back.

Google Vault is a cool feature available in Google G Suite Business.

It basically keeps a copy of all your email and data stored within the G Suite service.

It helps avoid situations like this as well as helps with eDiscovery and other situations where you to find data and email quickly.
We’re both glad the investment was made to upgrade to Google G Suite Business.

They’ve used it for other eDiscovery items and it’s made a real difference in maintaining their tech environment.