Why Do I Need A Warranty On My Computer?

Quick story.

I had a client the other day whose server went down.

A year ago this client purchased a used server with no warranty to save money.

I had another client that purchased a new server 2 years ago with a warranty.

Last week both servers had a hard drive go bad.

It happens.

The first client’s business was down while we purchased a new hard drive with next day shipping.

Problems continued throughout the restoration and few days later the client was back up and work. 

Contrast that to the client with the warranty.

With the second client.

We called the vendor who quickly dispatched a technician.

The technician arrived on site a few hours later.

The hard drive was swapped out and the client never missed a step.

So I ask you.

What experience do you prefer?

The follow on question to that is…

Does your server have a warranty?

So many people want to save a buck. 

They give lip service to the concept of reliability, and recoverability.

They say they understand the cost of downtime.

But when it’s time to purchase a warranty they balk at the idea.

In the stories I shared above are true.

One client lost almost a week of productivity because they chose to buy a used server and not purchase a warranty.

Even after we recommend it multiple times that they do.

The other client was aligned with the concept of getting their tech right.

They chose to do what was recommended and as result experienced no discomfort when a component went out on their server.

Manufacturer extended warranties are a good thing when you want to keep your business up and running.

Business interruptions cost you time and money.

A service warranty for few hundred dollars pays huge dividends.