The True Cost Of Redundancy

The other day a client had their main server go down.

We rallied the troops and got them back up.

Afterwards, they asked me why that happened.

I explained the limitations of their tech environment.

Side note - We had covered their redundancy gaps to them at their annual roadmap meeting and they had chosen to not address them.

Still, they were puzzled as to why they were not more redundant.

To help with their puzzledness I reminded them of our past conversations.

And then summed up by saying…

The more redundancy you want the more it costs.

I could see as they quickly weighed their options of cost vs uptime and the event that had just occurred.

The owner looked up and said.  

Okay.  I’ll guess we’ll just move on.

In this always on world we live in,

We expect that everything will always just work.

We expect our Instagram post will post.

We expect our electricity to always be on.

We expect the text to our friend will always go through.

But there’s a lot of tech behind things like Instagram, electricity and cell service.

And a lot of dollars.

To stay with example of the power company.

When a big hurricane hits - The power will go out.

The best that the power company can do is to bring it back as fast as they can.

Computers and tech are very much the same.

You can build them as redundant and resilient as you possibly can.

But when something breaks, and it will, you will go down.

And when you do.

All you can do, is to have a plan to restore services as soon as possible.

This client is still a little wary about their redundancy.

By the way...

There are already several levels of redundancy in their environment.


But they’re a small business.

And small businesses have limited budgets.

And in their case, their desire for redundancy does not match their budget.

And so we stand at sort of an impasse.


How long can your business be down?

Just another day in the life of tech.