Where's My Internet?

Believe it or not.

There are still places in the South Florida Metro that don’t have wireline Internet access.

By wireline I mean primarily Cable or DSL.

I’m working with a new client that has an office with no wireline Internet.

They’re actually using a 4G cellular card to get Internet access.

It’s slow.

And so I’m on the hunt to figure out how to get faster internet.

By the way...

There’s wireline internet a block away.

And so I asked the client.

Why are they at this location?

I just wanted to know.

They explained that they have a valid business need to be there.

Fair enough.

So I reached out to some people and companies that could help with a solution.

This is indeed a unique situation.

This morning I actually found a really good option.

Can’t wait to share it with the client.

Need help with your unique tech situation?

Yep, I do that.