Are You Thriving Or Surviving?

I was watching an episode of Naked and Afraid the other day.

It’s interesting how many people just default to survive on that show.

On occasion though…

You’ll find someone who thrives in the wild.

Drawing that parallel in our own lives.

I pose the following question to you.

Are you thriving or are you surviving?

I know for me, in my life, I’ve definitely had times where I’ve just been surviving.

Either just trying to make it to the next day or worse just punting a day.

And that’s okay.

Thriving days are definitely better than surviving days in my book.

Still, there’s a certain mindset required to thrive.

There is an innate desire to push forward.

An inner drive.

Tapping into that drive is what is required to thrive.

We all have it.

It’s just that we don’t tap into it.

So take a quick look in that self-mirror.

Are you thriving or surviving?

Remember - The more you exercise the mindset of thrive.

The more it will become natural to engage when needed.

Ready, set, engage!