Quickbooks - The Last Cloud Hold Out

Most clients I work with nowadays pretty much run all of their apps in the cloud.

Email in the cloud.

Files in the cloud.

Backup in the cloud.

CRM in the cloud.

Phones in the cloud.

But there’s still one app that for the most part still lives in the office.


For some reason or another Intuit QuickBooks is the boat anchor of tech.

Sure there’s other solutions out there like Xero, NetSuite and Sage Intacct.

But in the small business world Quickbooks reigns supreme.

This is mostly because QuickBooks has been around for so long.

And well, because people don’t like change.

The good news is that some clients are embracing the future.

They’ve moved on to apps like Netsuite and Intacct.

I don’t have any clients on Xero.

But I do have a few clients on QuickBooks Online.

Yes QuickBooks finally came out with a cloud version of QuickBooks.

It’s missing some features but if you don’t use those features you can make the move.

Who knows?

Maybe some other young upstart will come and turn the accounting software industry upside down and help remove Quickbooks as the boat anchor of tech.

Wishful thinking?