Decision Trees and Decision Jungles

In my line of work and I have the opportunity to work with businesses that are at various points in their tech maturity.

Some clients environments are in good shape while others are in need of a complete overhaul. 

Some clients decisions are cut and dry.

Buy one thing and they’ve solved their current challenge.

For other clients it’s a little more shall we say tangled?

Trying to get from point A to point B requires a series of moves.

Two steps forward, one step sideways that sort of thing.

Every client is different.

And yet every client is the same.

They’re all trying to get the tech right in their business.

It’s where they’re at with their tech maturity level that informs the decision-making process.

Sometimes standardizing an environment can take a while.

Other times it’s super quick.

Having a good partner can get to help you navigate through tech jungles is important.