Don't Tell Me You Know Me

I got a privacy update notice from Night Ranger of all bands.

Night Ranger for all you young-in’s is a band that was big in the 80’s for songs like Don’t Tell Me You Love Me, You Can Still Rock In America, and of course Sister Christian.  

With the last minute push for GDPR a few weeks ago everyone and their brother that does business in the EU were updating their Privacy and Use Policies on their web sites.

Even rock bands or any band or artist with fans in the EU have now been hit with this.

A fan comes to your web site and wants to buy some merchandise or get on your mailing list and now your sucked into GRPR.

Is it fair?

I don’t know.

Music is a business.

I get that.

Most small acts have a lot of stuff going on and make a few bucks here and there.

Adding GDPR compliance to their list of things to do seems a little unfair.

Just my 2 cents.

Let’s hope the hosting platforms out there for bands and artists put in the work to help smaller artists and businesses for that matter survive in a post GDPR world.