Premium IT For Half The Price


One of my clients was approached by another tech provider that said that they could provide the same service for half the price.

This is what is typically referred to as a land grab.

Now it’s simply not possible for someone to come in and offer an equivalent service for half the price. 


If you could buy a Tesla at half price would you do it?

If someone came and told you they could sell you an Apple iPhone for half the price would you do it?


It has the the power to blind us from everything else.

Everybody wants a deal.

You know that.

But in the end - things are not apples to apples, oranges to oranges, or whatever fruit you would like to insert here.


It’s the reason there are ratings on restaurants, ratings on hotels, and ratings on all sorts of stuff.

Still, fighting the almighty dollar can be challenging.

Comparing IT companies is not the same as staring at the back of a package and comparing two items at the grocery store.


Most business owners have no idea how to compare IT companies.

And so they compare on price.

Sometimes they compare on responsiveness.

But still mostly price.

Unfortunately the way most people really compare is that they switch providers.

And then they are either happy or sad.

For most people it’s hard to see productivity.

It’s hard to see efficiency.

For the non-technical buyer it’s hard to see reliability, recoverability, security or productivity.

It’s also important to remember that servicing the tech in your business or not a commodity.

It’s not like buying a computer.

You’re buying a service delivery model that’s designed to service your business needs.

And that service delivery model is the differentiator.

Technology and growth are inseparably tied together.

If you skip on tech you skip on growth.


Another differentiator is size.

A larger tech provider will have a more complete service delivery model based on size, education, experience, and exposure.

A IT company has to be big enough to be able to provide all of the functions of an IT department well.

How big?

Let’s just say more than 20 people on staff.

Small tech companies deliver small tech services.

It just is what it is.

Compare your company to the largest company in your space and you’ll understand the differences in experience and scale.

Technology and growth are inseparably tied together.

If you skip on tech you skip on growth.


If I could leave you with one message it would be this.

Understand the overall value of what you’re currently getting.

If you don’t know what that is then start there.

Sit down with your provider and understand the value of what you’re actually getting.

Have them explain it to you.

It’s difficult to make a decision on something you don’t know.

Three points make a line.

And price is only one data point.