Tech Fixer Uppers

I met with a prospect the other day who had a relatively new tech environment.

They had purchased equipment just a few years ago in order to upgrade and fix items in their environment.

But unfortunately that never happened.

And so here we are two years later staring at a mess.

The prospect is unhappy because things just don’t work right.

I feel duped because they spent all this money and nothing got better.

They were nervous to even go seek out a new IT provider because they didn’t want to lay out a bunch of money again for no results.

While visiting their office I poked my head into their computer and look around for little bit.

I made some notes, took some pictures, and tried to get a general idea of what was going on with what they had.

When I got back to my office I did some research on what they had.

Turns out most everything they had was new.

The interesting thing was that after reviewing their environment, they didn’t need to buy anything new.

You see their environment was what I like to call a tech fixer-upper.

Meaning, the equipment that they have is fine.

The issue is with the implementation.

Sometimes an IT guy will sell a company a bunch of equipment.

Sometimes more than they actually need.  Shrug.

And then due to experience, exposure, and education they’ll implement things - well, to be honest. Wrong.

And so their client gets frustrated and eventually wants them out.

As you could imagine the prospect was pretty happy to hear that they don’t need to buy any new equipment.

The helped to put them at ease and let them know that they had found a new IT Company to work with.

And now they are ready to get on with - getting their tech right.