High, Low And Conservative Best Value

I was mapping out a solution for a client yesterday.

They’re a small client that works on a limited budget.

In situations like this there are typically 3 paths to explore in the proverbial fork in the road.

First, you can take the approach of doing the absolute minimum required to improve the situation.

This is also known as - putting a Band-Aid on something.

Second, you can take the opposite approach.

This is referred to in a not so positive light as - taking the high road.

As in, presenting a solution that’s going to break the bank.

And third, as you may have guessed it, you can present what I like to call - the conservative best value.

Now on the client side of things they’re usually thinking in similar scenarios...

Do I go high?

Do I go low?

Or do I go somewhere in the middle?

The challenge then becomes arriving at the same conclusion with your client.

They might be thinking low.

Rarely are they thinking right in the middle.

Heck, most clients are deathly afraid you’re going to present them with a ridiculously high price tag.

While others don’t feel they need to spend any money at all.

It can get pretty nuts.

Finding that common ground and being able to decide on the conservative best value takes some work.

It takes preparation, understanding the environment, understanding the costs and being able to articulate things in a way that makes sense.

When I first start working with clients many if not all of them are shell-shocked from working with providers that always overcharge.

They feel duped.

It takes some work to rebuild trust.

To help them rethink how they look at the tech in their business.

In the end though, it’s all about having a relationship.

It's about clearly articulating your message and creating a shared understanding.

If you don’t have trust.

Only the Band-Aid will make sense.

And that’s lose-lose at best.

I believe that most clients want to do the right thing.

It's our ability to articulate, communicate and educate that makes the difference in the decision process.

Let's figure your tech out together.