Teams Don't Suck Leaders Do

I was watching one of Brian Johnson’s +1 videos on YouTube entitled On A Bad Team in which he describes a story about two teams of Marines competing.

One team is constantly winning while the other team is constantly losing.

After a week of this happening the Commander in his wisdom swaps the team leaders.

The winning leader place placed on the losing team and the losing leader is placed on the winning team.

The result?

You guessed it.

The losing team starts winning and the winning team starts losing.

While this seems like way too simple of a story, it wasn’t the concept of switching that really made the difference.

There's more to it then that.

One comment that Brian made stuck with me.

And the comment was this.

At work - do you ever think you're on a bad team?
Well guess what?
You're the problem.
Seriously, quit blaming and criticizing and start taking extreme
ownership for the situation.
Find solutions.
Make it better.

You see, as a leader you wear many hats.

You motivate, mentor, teach, delegate, plan, hire, fire, and many more things.

The nugget of wisdom in the story was not simply swapping leaders that made a difference.

It’s how the leaders led.

The how and why of your leadership is what makes the difference.

Be better together.

Go team!