Making Informed Tech Decisions

I had a couple of interesting conversations yesterday.

The first was a discussion with a client regarding their Internet.

They’re up for a renewal and wanted to understand what their current Internet usage is.

Not a problem.

I quickly pulled up their Internet usage stats across both of their Internet providers and provided a couple of graphs illustrating monthly and yearly usage on their lines.

The second conversation centered around office network speeds.

This client happens to have a very high usage office network and wanted to understand who the top users were in their environment.

Once again, not a problem.

I quickly pulled up some stats on their Wi-Fi usage that detailed the top users and what applications they use the most.

The client thanked me for the information and were on their way.

Having a properly built tech environment affords you information.

It starts with making sure that all of the basic pieces are in place and working well.

Then it’s about having your environment instrumented properly so that when you need information it’s at your fingertips.

Productivity is king.

Information helps you improve productivity.

Knowing how to get there makes all the difference in world.

How can I help you make more informed tech decisions?