I'm Not Yanking Your Cable

As companies grow they need more space.

Sometimes a company might need to add a few more desks or cubicles for their growing staff to work.

Other times they may take on additional suites or even a new office space.

As part of the service I provide I work with cabling contractors to help facilitate business growth and office moves.

I did a walk-through yesterday with a cabling vendor for a client that’s taken some additional space in their office.

I met with the cabling contractor and we laid out a plan of where we needed cable drops installed for connecting phones and computers.

And then off the cabling contractor went to prepare a quote.

Part of being a full-service tech provider means I cover all the bases.

If you need someone at your office for a quick walk-through.  I do that.

A well designed and installed cable plant helps your business devices to talk to each other reliably.

I enjoy the cabling aspect of the business.

Having started out my career as an aspiring architect, office cabling reminds me of the days of  drafting up plans.

It’s important to know how things are put together if you want to build an infrastructure that will last for a long time.

A good cabling job makes all the difference.