3 Dangers Of File Sharing Services

Things are never just black or white.

There's always that space in between.

Take for example, cloud file-sharing apps.

There are benefits.

There are threats.

And then there's the space in between.


File sharing services like Dropbox, Box and other are cool.

They can provide a lot of benefits to your business.


Without pre-planning and good usage plan...

The use of cloud file-sharing services can put your company in harm's way.
Here are the 3 Danger’s you expose yourself when you’re not careful.

Using file-sharing services opens a back door into your business data.  No matter how you slice it.  If you use public file-sharing services there is always a chance that some employee or vendor can leave your back door open.
You’ve worked hard to build a great business.  You may have even developed your own secret sauce.  That last thing you want to do is make your Intellectual Property public.  All it takes is for 1 employee to copy your core company data onto a file-sharing service and your risk of information leakage has just doubled.

The 3rd point is data loss.  Data can be lost for many reasons.  Someone puts a file in their personal file-sharing service and it’s no longer in your environment to find.  Some leaves your company and your data is orphaned in their account.  The reasons are many and potential for loss is big.
It’s important to keep your data safe, managed, and maintained.

The key takeaway here is not that cloud file-sharing apps and services are bad.

The point is that - Without proper management and maintenance your company data is danger.

There are several great apps and services that can help to make sure that your cloud file-sharing services are managed and maintained properly.
With some pre-planning and good plan you’ll be ready to go all in on cloud file-sharing services.

Good luck and stay safe!