Listen Understand Act

I met with a small business owner yesterday.

He was young, brash and smart.

He’s even got a great little business model.

We got to talking and he shared some of his frustrations with me.

One of his frustrations is that he can’t seem to get his business to grow to the next level.

He then went on to talk about his approach to different things in his business.

It was clear to me that his smarts were what’s getting in the way.

You see — he likes to figure things out on his own.

He doesn’t like to ask for help.

And so I thought to myself…

How can I help?

He obviously wants it.

And so I listened.

I tried to understand where he was coming from and what he was trying to achieve.

And then I acted in a way that would help him to move forward.

How many of us think we know it all?

How many of us like to figure things out on our own?

How many of us don’t like to ask for help, and generally find ourselves down a path we walk alone?

It’s an interesting conundrum that we put ourselves in sometimes.

There are experts out there.

There are people with more experience, exposure and education than us.

People that can really help us.

Sure, at the end of the day it’s up to us to make a decision.

It’s up to us to choose our path.

But we don’t need to do it at the expense of others.

Or at the expense of alienating ourselves.

There’s a lot of information out on the wire if you just tap to it.

Listen, understand, act.

It works both ways.