Yes, It's Included

Nothing seems to put a smile on clients face faster than the word YES.

Maybe it’s because they don’t hear it enough.

In the professional tech services world billable time is everything.

It’s the mindset tech service providers are raised with from their youth.

Bill Bill Bill!

Anything that the client wants.

Just make sure you bill for it.

It's what they believe.

This behavior is based on 2 notions.

One, this is what everyone else does.

And two, providers don’t know how to package and provide a complete IT offering.

Sure some tech providers say they do everything.

But even if they do - they’ll still question themselves wondering…

Am I leaving money on the table?

Which brings me back to the term the phrase - YES it’s included.

One of my companies differentiators is that we do everything IT.

It’s a unique model.

But it works for us.

We have found that clients like consistent billing.

They like the predictable cost.

And they get that It’s like paying a salary.

It’s consistent.

In the tech world - consistent costs are a big win.

So next time you having a conversation with your tech provider and they’re going over their task list with you.

Ask them.

Is that included?

Then sit back and observe the answer.