Here You Grow Again

I recently finished up a tech review for a client.

They’ve made a lot of progress over the past six months and so I made a graphic to share with them the progress that we’ve made together.

In this specific clients case they’ve really made a lot of progress with the tech in their business.

They took a couple of big steps to get themselves to where they needed to be with their tech.

And that’s a good thing.

With all the core pieces in place now and healthy well maintained environment we are now ready to have a conversation about Productivity.

The holy grail of tech.

So this week we will be getting together to review the past, talk about the current, and chart a course to move forward.

Charting a course is an interactive process.

I need to know where a business wants to go.

How they plan to get there from a sales and operations perspective.

And then together we can chart a course.

It’s great to see businesses embrace tech.

To make a few moves and then realize the benefit of their actions.

To realize that it didn’t hurt as much as they thought I was going to hurt.

And to take a few moments and enjoy the results.

Are you ready to get your tech right?