The 3 Speeds Of Business

In the tech field I have the opportunity of working with all sorts of businesses.

And while businesses may come come in all shapes and sizes and provide services across many disciplines.

I have found that most businesses are operating in one of three speeds when it comes to decision making, growth and success.

Crawl, walk or run.

Occasionally you’ll find a sprinter in the pack but those are typically few and far between.


First let me explain that crawling isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Some businesses just move slow.

They take a long time to make decisions.

They’re happy with their pace.

Typically these businesses don’t evolve past a certain level but that’s okay.

You might even call this a lifestyle business.

And it just is what it is.


Walkers are an interesting breed.

They’re typically conservative in their viewpoints.

They want to grow but often will overthink their moves.

Much of this has to do with their willingness to embrace change and make decisions.

This in turn affects their ability to grow in sales and operations.

Walking holds to the concept of slow and steady wins the race.

As long as you’re okay with slow and steady.

It’s a good way to be.


Runners are fun to work with.

They work hard, play hard and really push boundaries.

These businesses embrace change.

They are in it to win it.

They typically know what success looks like.

And they’re not afraid to make mistakes because they see the longview.

Take a look around your business community, competitors and networking groups and see if you can pick out the crawlers, walkers and runners.

So what group is your business in?

Are you crawling walking or running?

Are you happy with your pace?

To me it really comes down to three things.

Having a vision.

Having a plan to get there.

And getting out of the way.

If you have a vision, a plan, and are willing to get out of the way and let things happen when needed.

In all reality…

You can pick whatever speed you want.