Tech Mountains And Plateaus

When you think of Arizona you think desert.

Giant sandbox.

It’s what most people think.

But it’s more than desert, sand, and the Grand Canyon.

Years back I took a drive up to a little place called Camp Verde in Arizona.

As I drove out of the Phoenix valley and started up the mountain it became very apparent very fast that I was not in the desert anymore.

You see, if you go up a few thousand feet there are green pastures, forests and all sorts of wonderful landscapes.

Sometimes we think something is a certain way until we truly experience it.

And once we do - our lives are forever changed.

The same is true with the tech in your business.

So many people get caught up in the unknown.

In building and living with biases and assumptions that they’ve made up.

And as a result, they get stuck with their tech.

Some people tend to think that technology is just about buying stuff or spending money.

And it can be, if your tech is really mismanaged and out of whack.

But the reality is that once you climb the mountain and you reach the plateau...

Things change.

You reach a level of maturity with the tech in your business where things are managed.

Unplanned capital outlays become a thing of the past, minimized, or better yet budgeted.

I’m working with a client right now that made an investment last year.

Their environment was updated and aligned to what they needed in order to grow.
Now that we’ve got things running as they should we’re implementing a lifecycle management approach.

They made the investment upfront.

And as a result, their environment is now running smooth and things are now being managed.

It’s a good thing.

It really is.

It’s interesting the perspective that you have once you reach the plateau.

Most people will never see it.

But it’s great for those who do.

Yes, sometimes tech can be like climbing a mountain.

The best part is when you reach the top, look around, and see the change.