How Rick Scott Ruined Spotify

With the coming elections in Florida the candidates have taken their message to the airwaves.

Enter Rick Scott, current Governor of the State of Florida who's making a bid for the Senate.

He’s taken a tip from the Gary Vaynerchuk school of marketing.

And that is...

Buy undervalued attention.

As a result, my free Spotify subscription has been overtaken by Rick Scott and his message of -  "Washington sucks, I’m a businessman and I get things done."

It’s a crusty old message.

It’s been done dozens of times.

It even worked for a presidential candidate with a little help from the Russians.

But I digress.

The message resonates and so Rick's people thought...

What the heck - let’s go for it.

Let’s obliterate the hell out of Spotify and buy up every ounce of ad space we can get our hands on.

Unfortunately for all of us schmucks who refuse to pay the $9.99 a month for Spotify - we're now getting hammered with Rick Scott ads non-stop round the clock.

Seriously - I’m not kidding you.

He literally bought every spot available.

2 songs… Rick Scott ad.

3 songs… Rick Scott ad.

At this point I am so saturated with ads for Rick Scott running for Senate that I’m willing to offer the following.

Rick - If you take your ads down now and stop terrorizing my Spotify playlists I will vote for you.

You have my word.

But you must comply to this request immediately.

Like now man.

So there it is.

I have laid down the law.

These are my terms.

I will settle for nothing less.