How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Working in the tech field it’s not uncommon to hear a client say that every time they see me it’s because they need to spend money.

And while this is a generalization, there is some truth to it.

The sad part is when people think that getting the tech right in their business just means spending money.

When that happens.

We’ve missed the mark.

To be fair, spending money does make things better.

But not in every situation.

The reality is that there are several ways to improve your tech without spending money.

There are process improvements.

There are configuration changes.

There are enhancements to existing systems.

Yes, there are ways and solutions to solve your challenges using what you have. 

There are free options.

Take Office 365 or Google Suite for example.

Most businesses only use a small percentage of these platforms.

I’m working with a client on solving several business challenges by implementing more features in Office 365 without spending a dime.

Clients love it when I tell them that there’s a solution to their problem within existing services they already have.

For me, I just want to help.

I really believe that with some good think, a little process change and yes occasionally some dollars - that your business can improve its tech.

Remember that the goal is to help your business grow and be more productive.

It’s not about spending money for the sake of spending money.

It’s about having a conversation, understanding current challenges and/or opportunities and then implementing solutions.

It’s what I do.