Not Every Idea Is Going To Make It

Not every idea is gold.

As a matter fact - most ideas are crap.

What’s interesting is the value that we put on our ideas.

Some people are idea bullies.

They have an idea and then will stop at nothing to make you accept their idea.

It's a painful experience for all involved.

I'm not sure why some people are like that.

I don’t know if it’s the fear that they'll never have another idea.

Or that they’re just too insecure and feel need to fight for each idea.

Maybe it’s just me.

I consider myself a creator.

I have ideas all of the time.

Some are good and some are bad.

I feel that I’m able to see my ideas for what they are.


I’m able to stand back and judge... well, most of the time. ;-)

If it’s a good idea or a bad idea.

The point is to be objective.

To listen to others.

Still, some people feel that all of their ideas are gold.

That each idea must be acted upon.

The problem comes when the idea isn’t very good.

Or when their idea just plain sucks.

The insistence on moving forward with a bad idea, compounded by the resistance of the people around you, can strain relationships.

It can impact your future.

Yep, it can impact your future success.


Well, because people for good or for bad - measure you by your ideas.

Offer up too many bad ideas and people won’t want your input.

You'll tank your credibility.

And the viability of your future ideas will be questioned or altogether ignored.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not trying to say that ideas are a bad thing or that you shouldn’t have them.

Or that you should squash your creativity and consider yourself a total loser incapable of coming up with a decent idea.


The message here is to create a mindset where ideas can be created and nurtured properly.

Where ideas can be measured and weighed to assess their validity.

The process goes something like this.

Spark an idea > Self Assess > Validate > Implement > Iterate

If you follow this process you will have a better return on bringing ideas to life.

You’ll have more ideas that are actually implemented.

Sure you’ll have a whole lot of ideas that get thrown away.

And that’s okay.

The key here is that you will find more success in your work and personal life by managing your idea flow.

So go have a billion ideas or more.

Some will be brilliant, some will be good, and someone just be plain crap.

Learn to know the difference.

It will make you and those around you happier and more successful.