Is Your Business Really Online?

My neighbor buys everything online.

Literally everything.

There’s not one day when I don’t see an Amazon box, a Walmart box, or a box from some other company they've bought something online from.

My doorstep on the other hand only sees about 1 to 2 deliveries on a good week.

I feel a little online threatened. (jk)

Seriously though - buying goods and services online is here to stay.

As consumer buying habits change, B2C companies must ask themselves the following questions.

What am I doing to stay competitive in the evolving marketplace.?

What’s my online strategy?

I believe the same holds true in the Business to Business (B2B) marketplace.

And so I ask you.

What are you doing to stay competitive in the evolving marketplace.?

What’s your online strategy?

What are you doing as a business to be able to provide your goods and/or services online?

As a consumer of both B2C and B2B i’m already doing it.

I’m already buying goods and services online.

And in certain cases - not from your business.


Well, because you’re not online.

Many businesses focus their efforts on online marketing.

The “how do we get people to my site” aspect of being online.

And then, if they’re lucky and a prospect actually gets there.

There’s nothing to engage with.

Sure I understand you’re putting out content.

That you’re educating your buyer.

But the one thing that businesses aren’t getting is this.

If you can’t transact on your website you’re in trouble.

The future is coming.

Be ready.

It’s only a matter of time before some new upstart competitor starts taking you down.

Taking you down online.

It really is time to start thinking about your online business strategy.