Do Less Grow More

It’s amazing how we make the simple complex.

How we can take a seemingly simple task and build layer upon layer until complexity has set in.

We think we’re doing the right thing.

We think we’re being thorough.

We think we’re reducing the chance of a mistake being made.

But in reality all we’re doing is adding complexity.

And that hinders growth.

In working with businesses as a tech coach I am able to learn about a company’s process.

How they do things.

One of the biggest differences that I see between companies that are super successful and companies that are struggling are their processes.

How they do things.

What’s interesting is that successful growing companies tend to have less steps for doing things.

Instead of 10 steps to onboard a client.

A company may only have five steps.

Here’s the thing, those five steps benefit the successful company in the following ways.

The reduction in overhead allows the person who does the onboarding to onboard more clients.

The same theory applies in other areas.

For companies that use a ticketing system.

The ones that track less data points on a per ticket basis are able to work a higher volume of tickets.

That’s because there is less set up and wind down on a ticket.

I like to use the term pay the tax to describe things that cost a business time and money.

The tax results reduced productivity and higher costs of doing business.

I know this sounds simple.

Maybe too simple.

But the reality is that most people don’t want to be simple.

They overthink and over complexify.

Then they get frustrated because their staff struggles to follow the process.

They get frustrated because they feel they need to micromanage people.

They don’t understand why they’re not growing.

So next time you’re explaining to that new employee the 10 steps you do to onboard a client think for a minute.

Could you do it in five?

What would that look like?

Do less grow more.