The Problem With Tech Marketing

Every so often a client forwards me an email about a tech product or service.

They include comments like…

Do I need this?
What’s this for?
Or just a ?.

I appreciate clients that are engaged with the tech in their business.

I love that they reach out and keep me in the loop.

And enjoy the dialog as we work together.

But there’s a reason why clients forward these tech marketing emails to me.

And that is because — they don’t make any sense.

At least not to my clients.

Seriously, they really don’t make sense.

Here’s why…

Tech products and services are made by tech companies.

And those companies are ran by tech people.

They in turn hire people with experience with tech marketing to market their products and services.

And as a result they almost always market with a technical slant.

This makes the intended recipient confused.

Most of the tech marketing emails forwarded to me are positioned for a technical recipient.

The truth of the matter is that most people that work in small business America aren’t technical.

Not to say that there aren’t some outliers.

Not to say that there aren’t people who know a little more about this and that.

Or that understand the general concepts of technology.

The point here is that the buying customer is not technical and that technology companies generally market the product services tech to tech — completely missing the mark with the decision maker.

The challenge here is this.

How do you market your technical products and services to a lay person?

The secret is — Stop being technical.

On occasion I do find a company whose marketing think is outside the box.

And typically those are the vendors who are getting in the door and sharing their solutions with prospective clients.

Dear tech companies,
Please improve your marketing and messaging.
Your Potential Client