That Ain't SaaS

Software as a Service aka SaaS is great way to go when your business is looking for software apps and tools to run your business.

Services like Microsoft Office 365 for Google G Suite are used all over the world.

They've changed the tech landscape of business.

Still there’s one thing that gets me.

One thing I am not a fan of.

And that’s annual payments.

You know the game.

A company posts on their website that their product is $100 bucks a month.

But when it comes time to sign up they want you to pay $1,200 per user upfront.

To me that’s just whack.

Sure you’re buying your software.

Sure you’re getting many of the benefits.

No infrastructure to build.

Reduced maintenance costs.

And hopefully built-in upgrades.

Still, charging me upfront is not cool.

Now I know some companies are fine paying for stuff upfront.

It’s how we’ve done it for years.

But this model is anchored in the past.

It’s based on getting all your money upfront from the customer.

It’s based on old sales commission structures.

It’s based on old company valuation models.

It’s just old.

So to all of you old skool companies.

And you know who you are.

Salesforce, HubSpot, and others.

Take a step into the future.

If Microsoft, Google and others can do it.

Surely you can to.

It’s no fun having a vendor lead you down the road during the sales process only to sour the transaction when they say - I want my money upfront.

Sell software in a way that lives up to his promise.

No software = monthly payments.