A Visit To The Internet Library

I drive by the library every morning on the way to work.

There’s something about libraries.

They’ve always had a fond place in my heart.

As a kid they were the archives of information all collected in one place.

Or so I thought.

Nowadays for good or for bad the Internet is my library.

Although I still pay an occasional visit to the library for my kid to grab a book.
The satisfaction that you get when you scour the Internet for an answer and find one is amazing.

This morning I spent some time searching for an answer for a client.

The search let me to multiple sites.

Eventually after putting together a few pieces of information from a handful of sites I found a vein of what looked to be my answer.

I then took that information and began a new search based on my findings.

And through a process of refining and researching I found an answer to the question I was looking for.

All from the comfort of my desk.

The internet is pretty dang cool library.

I use it everyday.

It helps my keep my Google Fu in check.