The Consequence Of Bad Tech

I was taking my wife in for a blood draw at LabCorp the other day and couldn’t help but notice the sign that said - Our kiosks are broken.

Depending on what blood test we need we’ll either go to Quest Diagnostics or to LabCorp.

Recently both companies implemented an online self-serve sign-in kiosk.

What’s interesting is that the Quest kiosk works while the Labcorp one doesn’t.

They both rolled their kiosks out at around the same time.

Yet one works and other doesn’t.

Which leads one to ask why if two companies implement a similar technology, why does one work while the other doesn’t?

Granted, we only go to these 2 locations so our sample size isn’t all that great.

But still, from a customer experience perspective - it’s a fail.

Which takes me back to the why.

And my take is - It’s the tech team.

It could be that the underlying technology selected was wrong.

It could be that the implementation plan was wrong.

It could be that the training for the staff was wrong.

And all of this is the responsibility of the tech team.

It’s important to remember that not all tech teams are created equal.

Like I said in the past - give 2 people the same task and invariably they will each deliver something different.

All I can say is that as far as kiosks are concerned.

Quest Diagnostics wins this round.

It’s important to have the right team in place.

A team that can manage all of your tech in structured and successful manner.

If you’ve got that team in place you’re tech projects will go better.

If not.

You’re customer experience might end up with someone staring at a sign that says....

The system is down.