Why Do They Come?

I was watching an episode of Moonshiners on The Discovery Channel.

In this episode Tim Smith is asked to help out a distillery in Missouri that’s struggling.

The owner's dropped over $1 million into his business and is hurting big time.

He’s all about process.

He loves science and technology.

He measures and monitors everything in his business.

He’s believes he’s making the perfect whiskey.

But he can’t understand why he’s not more successful.

It’s interesting to see how business owners miss the mark.

At one point in the show Tim asks the business owner a question.

"What attracts people to barbeque ribs?"

The owner answers "the consistency."

Tim says “the smoke, the aroma from the meat cooking”

"It’s the smell that brings people in."

And therein lies the lesson.

Having the best process doesn’t bring in customers.

It’s about having an authentic product or service.

Having a product or service that connects with people.

Even if it’s stupid simple.

It needs to connect.

Make that connection and you’ve just won a new customer.

I don’t always watch shows about hillbilly moonshiners.

But when I do I watch Moonshiners.