Proactive Reactiveness

Proactive is a big buzzword in business.

You’re either proactive or you’re dirt.

It’s like proactive is good and reactive is evil.

And anything in between is considered complacency.

It’s nuts.

But proactive can be more than just words and unrealistic expectations placed on those in the workforce today.

To me being proactive means three things.

1 — Self motivation
2 — Having a perpetual plan or perpetual plans
3 — Reacting proactively

Self Motivation

To be proactive you first have to want to be proactive.

You have to find and then develop the behavior and skills of self motivating yourself.

To know when to push and when not to push.

To behave in a way that’s forward in motion.

Sure some days you’ll need to push yourself forward.

But the goal should alway be to develop a behavior and mindset that allows you to regularly — understand the past, assess the current, and move forward.

The Perpetual Plan

The second concept is having a perpetual plan.

If you don’t know where you’re going you’ll never get there.

Part of being proactive is anticipating and planning for the future.

Having a plan means exactly that.

Having a plan.

Situations change and so do plans.

Sometimes the current plan may require doing nothing for a short stint.

And that’s fine.

But only if it’s part of the overall plan.

There are plenty of project management schools of thought.

Pick the one that makes the most sense to you and then use it to make your plan.

Proactively Reacting

Last but not least is proactively reacting.

It’s more than just a play on words.

It’s the attitude and behavior of when something happens — that you react in a way that moves the situation forward.

Things are going to come up.

Things are going to happen.

It’s how we manage and problem solve our way through them that makes all the difference.

So yeah, be proactive.

Not like the world thinks you should be proactive.

But because you’re on a mission.

You’re on a journey.

And you’re a creator.