Be A Connector

I was talking with a client yesterday and they asked me about a specific solution I hadn’t worked with before.

Not a problem I thought.

I queried the handy-dandy Rolodex in my brain and came up with a couple of people I knew that would know what to do.

So I told the client - Not a problem, I know a couple of people I can reach out to that would be able to help point us in the right direction.

Later that day...

Two emails and a phone call later and I had the info I needed.

I used this to put together a short list of options and was ready to update the client.

They say it’s not what you know but who you know and in this case it’s very true.

When you apply education, experience, and exposure coupled with your network of gals and pals it’s makes for a great solutions library.

With info in hand I’m now able to sit with the client and help to formulate a requirements document.

In cases where I can’t solve the problem myself I’ll actually connect the resource to the client.

While I can do many things.

I can’t do everything.

And when that happens.

It’s time to be a connector.