Stakes And Evolutions

I’ve been working with a client lately on a solution that requires a server.

Our next discussion will center around the following.

Do we host it in the cloud?

Or do we host it at their office?

When looking for new tech for your business there are typically 2 paths you can go down.

Stakes or evolutions.


If you buy a server for example.

You’re putting a stake in the ground.

You install the server knowing in part that someday it will stop working.

That the warranty will run out.

And that in five years or so it will likely be obsolete.

Software technology, thanks in part to the internet, provides another option.


Buying a Software as a Service product like Microsoft Office 365 on the other hand is the path of evolution.

That’s because Software as a Service or SaaS products aren’t static.

They evolve over time.

Upgrades and updates are included in the subscription.

And as a result, SaaS products are great way to go to keep your tech current.

As time goes on fewer vendors are offering boxed software.

Even hardware is been abstracted from your office tech.

With services like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure many businesses are moving away from even buying servers anymore.

Tech in large way has moved to a subscription based acquisition model.

I expect that it will only keep moving more and more in that direction.

If you’re considering purchasing a server think twice.

You might be able to solve your need by going cloud.

And going subscription based instead.

It’s just a thought.

That might actually be a reality for your business.

As for my client.

We’ll see which way makes the most sense.